Christmas Gifts and Presents For Sports Fans

Christmas is right around the corner, and finding gifts for everyone on your Christmas or Holiday Shopping List can sometimes be a daunting task. For those sports fans on your list we’ve got some very clever gift ideas such as the Ball Park Pen. These pens are not just pens that look sporty, these are pens made from the actual wooden seats of demolished ballpark stadiums.

Laser engraved with the stadium name and its years of existence, these handsome writing instruments are a piece of history that any sports fan would love, especially if you select their favorite stadium, or a stadium where they watched most games. There are also bottle openers and corkscrews made of the same wooden seats. It’ll be valued and kept forever by your favorite sports fan.

Other great presents for baseball fans or football fans include Stadium Cuff Links, again made from the seats of demolished stadiums, but coated in the original paint from the stadium and the stadium name engraved on the back. Or how about giving Ball Park Hammers with the name of their favorite NFL, MLB or College football team logo on it?

Great Christmas gifts or presents for sporting fanatics can also come in the form of signatures by famous athletes on numerous items such as The Derek Jeter signed 27th World Championship article in the New York Times (mounted and framed) or a Derek Jeter signed baseball of the 27th World Championship, encased in glass. And every sports man or sportswoman loves an autographed baseball jersey from their favorite player on their favorite team, complete with number and team colors. And autographed model sized NASCAR helmets are a big hit.

Autographed Newspaper Prints from the NY Times is always a great gift for a fan of all sports. Choosing the game that just knocked their socks off, that is autographed by team members, is a piece of memorabilia that every sports spectator would love to get their hands on.

From pictures to books, baseballs, footballs, basketballs… and everything in between, you may find that your sports fan friends and family are the easiest to buy for. There are so many items that represent the many teams and athletes that they love and admire. Be creative and unique with your gift giving and you are sure to get smiles and lots of thanks. Making your loved ones happy at Christmas is more fun than receiving gifts yourself. Look around for these great types of unique sports gifts and make them happy this year.

Presenting the Best Home You Know How

Today, more than ever, the presentation of a home that is on the market is important to the sale of that home. According to a recent study, more than 63% of home buyers choose a home that is ready to move in versus one that requires a little more work. While the price of the move in ready home will be higher, the couples are seeing the chance to live in a pretty decent home without the NEED to renovate right away as being a strong benefit. For the real estate agent, this means presenting the home as move in ready. If the home is in need of repair or renovation, the market may be dry for that home. But, there are always means to push the home as the perfect one for your clients.

Connect With the Buyer’s Emotions

When showing a home that is not move in ready to a potential buyer, make sure you choose a renovation that offers some emotional connection for the buyer. This could mean a full basement or an attic space if those are the things they want the most in a home. If there is a fenced in yard, but the painting needs to be redone, give them a monetary comparison of how much the paint will cost versus the fence.

When talking about emotions, it is also important to convince the home seller that all personal effects need to be removed from the home prior to showing. The potential buyer wants to visualize their life in that home, not the life of another family. The emotional connection between a home and the small children that live there is strong and the potential buyer may immediately feel they don’t want to put the small children out on the street.

Make Simple but Powerful Changes

Of course, the best solution is to prepare the home for showing before the potential buyers walk through the door. Throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls, change out any dead plants in the front of the home, dress up the entryway with a few bright flowers and tidy up the law and walkways. Inside, make sure the home smells good and the carpets and floors are fresh and clean.

Presenting a home for sale can be about more than just making sure the home is ready to sell. The potential buyer walks into every home hoping this will THE ONE and too many times the home is just not ready for a buyer.

A Guide to a Successful Salary Negotiation

Whether you are are seeking for a new job offer or asking for a pay raise, salary negotiation is definitely a task that not many are a fond of doing. However, if you want to get the salary that you know you deserve, you have to do it so you might as well know how to do it successfully. With this guide, you will be able to learn exactly what you have to do to get that pay you have been working hard for.

When in talks for your salary, so that you know the right amount to ask for, research on the salaries of others in the field with the same position as you. You can do this by checking out salary surveys, talking to others who have the same occupation, and even by contacting the professional association in your area. Salaries differ by region so your research has to be relevant only to your area of work.

Once you have an idea of what amount to ask, you need to make sure that it can be backed up with your experience and accomplishments in the past. The more achievements you have, the more money you can possibly earn. If you feel that you don’t have much experience, it is OK but you need to be reasonable in the salary that you request for.

It is quite likely that you won’t be granted the exact amount you ask for because the company will always negotiate. Basically you have two options, you can either put a buffer in your request so that when they negotiate you will still end up with the rate you are satisfied with or you can simply compromise and figure out what amount you find acceptable. You can even do both options if you’d like but always be prepared to compromise that is why it is called a negotiation.

When you do a salary negotiation, never talk about the amount of money you need, it is always about what you deserve. What you earn is given to you based on your performance on the job and not because you have all these bills to pay. If you want to be paid well, then you need to work hard and show that you are deserving of such because complaining about your expenses isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Simply following these instructions will be of great assistance to you in achieving a successful salary negotiation. Just remember as long as you deserve it and you are ready to show why you deserve such amount, then you won’t have any difficulty getting that salary.